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Training & Development Programs

Good Works Consulting Training & Development Programs

We at Good Works Consulting believe that what happens in the classroom cannot stay in the classroom. Real learning only occurs when people can apply knowledge and insights to their particular work environment. And, our training programs drive real business results. We customize each one using proven instructional methods, apply the most current and respected business knowledge available and then deliver it all to you in an engaging and interactive classroom environment.

Some recent programs include:

Senior Leadership Development  "Reaching New Heights"

Emotional Intelligence  "Understanding its Business Impact"

Coaching for Executives  "Leading Others to Success"

Facilitation Skills for Teams  "How to Get Unstuck and Stay On Track"

Leading a High Stakes Team  "When Failure Isn't an Option"

Fundamentals of Management  "Charting Your Own Course"

Why Can't I Get Everything Done?  "Time, Stress, Energy and Life Issues"

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