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Good Works Consulting Coaching

We work one-on-one to help people become more effective leaders and to improve their workplace effectiveness. Good Works Consulting will listen to your unique needs and situation and then develop a customized approach best suited for your growth and development. 

Our coaches are competent, credentialed and experienced. Each combines top academic and educational training with other professional qualifications and work experiences to develop a proven track record of coaching success. Some of our recent topics for coaching have included:

Personal Leadership Effectiveness
How do I become a more effective leader and drive greater performance in my people and my organization?

Improved Individual Performance
How can I become a more valuable employee and tap into my full potential?

Teamwork Challenges
My team is under the microscope right now and we simply are not delivering. What can I do about realigning and re-energizing an underperforming team?

Conflict Resolution
Our inability to get along is creating a lot of dysfunctional friction that is adversely affecting our work performance. What can I do?

Work/Life Balance
I feel like a hamster chronically running on a wheel that I can’t get off of.  How do other professionals manage this?

Personal/Life Issues
I have significant issues going on in my personal life that are starting to affect my work performance. Is there a way out of this mess?

Managing Up
I like working here and I like my job, but my boss and I don’t seem to connect. What strategies would you recommend?

Career Counseling
What is best for my long-term advancement in moving up or in moving out of this organization?

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