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Funny Business ™

Funny Business Toolkit

Funny Business™ is a tool created by Dr. Paul R. Damiano that uses humor to help coaches, consultants, and HR professionals work with individuals, teams, and organizations to initiate conversations, deepen dialog, uncover truths, and reconcile conflicts pertaining to organizational life.

The deck of 100 professionally curated business-themed cartoons depicts more than 60 common work-related topics, providing a versatile, highly useful tool to add to your coaching or consulting toolkit. Now available in both print and digital versions. It's two decks in one!


Individual Coaching

Cards #1-30 are generally most relevant for individual coaching conversations as they tend to focus on the following topics:​

  • Goals 

  • Identity/Meaning

  • Imposter Syndrome               

  • Job Commitment

  • Stress

  • Work/Life Balance                      

  • Work Load                                   … and more

  • Authenticity

  • Career Ladder/Path 

  • Conflict

  • Emotional Intelligence

Dr. Damiano talks about Funny Business ™

Working with groups

Cards #31-100 are generally most relevant for use in working with teams, groups, and organizations, as they tend to focus on the following topics:

  • Change

  • Conflict

  • Communication

  • Co-workers

  • Culture

  • Decision Making

  • Ethics

  • Leadership/Bosses

  • Meetings

  • Policies

  • Politics

  • Productivity

  • Teams

  • Trust

...and more

All cards are appropriate in either individual coaching or group settings depending on client context

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